– "Make science easier"

Stanford students are nothing if not entrepreneurial. Only a couple months after reporting on Ologeez (out of the Genetics department), I receive an email about, the product of a group of students in Vijay Pande’s lab, headed by a graduate student in the Physics department created by three folks who knew each other from their undergrad days at Harvard, one of whom is now a biophysics PhD student at Stanford.

The website grew out of their desire to “solve some of the organizational problems we’ve encountered while doing our Ph.Ds”, and includes a PDF organizer, a space for labs to share protocols and files, and mechanisms for discovering and recommending papers.

After registering and doing a brief tour, it appears to be a well thought-out and executed entrant into what is starting to become a crowded market for tools that help you organize, search for, and share papers, or tools that help your lab share data and files. Because of the many offerings, however, some with much earlier and more widespread adoption, I’d be surprised if Labmeeting gathers much of a foothold. Then again, it’s not claiming to be another OpenWetWare, so if it does what it does well, perhaps those looking for a smaller feature set (and a bit of relief from social networking) will find it just right.


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