Dog Days of Summer

Ice cream at Tulmeadow Farms in West Simsbury, CT

It’s hard to believe, but summer is almost over. I no longer debate whether the house stays cooler with the windows open or closed. There is almost a chill in the air when I wake up in the morning. Yes, at the height of the day the sun still shines warm and bright but there’s no mistaking it setting earlier in the evening. Hear that, tomatoes and melons? Your days are numbered! Get ripening!

The garden got a late start this year (June) so we only started harvesting a few weeks ago, mostly cucumbers and squash. Some of our tomatoes are starting to set but the big ones not so much. Corn, too. A few rattlesnake beans from the two vines that made it (still holding out hope for the one yard long bean vine that’s flowering now). The everlasting chard from last summer is still going strong, but more as chicken food as I pinch off leaves every few days stricken by leafminers. The one crop that exceeded expectations was the one we didn’t have to do anything for — nectarines, lots of delicious, bright red nectarines. I think I ate at least two a day for two weeks straight.

In July we went back east for Yaro and Lena’s wedding. Yaro is an old friend of Chris’ from high school. Theirs was a very charming and intimate affair at Lena’s mom’s house in Massachusetts. Daisies and sailcloth in an English cottage setting gave it a lively and rustic vibe, no pretentions — natural beauty, much like the bride. And since it was July and it was hot, we made sure to stop by both Dr. Mike’s and Tulmeadow Farms for their famous ice cream while we were in that neck of New England.

Aside from that quick East coast foray, it’s been an uneventful summer. For us, at least. Maybe not for Tycho. He’s gotten to have sleepovers with not one, not two, but three friends’ dogs (Blue and Shadow, Annie and Bella, and Sugar and Chewie), three field trips to the doggie Disneyland that is Fort Funston, and near daily trips to various dog parks. Last weekend he experienced his first road trip and Ultimate Frisbee tournament at Chico (tip for new dog owners: don’t play monkey-in-the-middle with your dog and a disc if you want him to be quiet during games). He is now six months old and just over 37 lbs, from 21 lbs just over two months ago.

Tycho at Shore Dog Park for the annual Copper’s Dream Rescue Reunion

Tycho with his doggie friends

Tycho exploring Fort Funston

Portraits of Tycho, July through August

Tycho and “Monkey”, then

Tycho and “Space Monkey”, now

Needless to say, we’re not quite ready to let go of summer yet.

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