Born and raised in New Jersey, I was class of ’04 at Brown University and graduated with my PhD in bioinformatics from Stanford University in ’09. Now I live and work in the San Francisco bay area, which is heaven on earth for someone who likes good food, good weather, scenery and the outdoors as much as I do. In my spare time, I play a lot of Ultimate Frisbee, cook a lot of food, play a lot of board games, and follow the Open Science and personal genomics movements. Once upon a time, I considered being an architect, a graphic designer, a chef, a carpenter, a musician, and a zoologist, among other things. These leanings may still be evident at the occasional potluck, karaoke night, hiking trip, and IKEA.

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“If you get lost in the woods, f— it, build a house. ‘I was lost but now I live here. I have severely improved my predicament!’ ” – Mitch Hedberg (1968-2005)

I’m the type of person who’s tried the personal website thing, the journal thing, the blog thing, all mostly to no avail. I love the idea of order but I’ve come to accept the fact that any on-top-of-itness I exhibit is only temporary. The only thing constant through this is the aspiration to be that person who blogs regularly, documents her life with photos, and can keep her home as tidy as an IKEA catalog.

Perhaps I just had to wait for the right tools to come along. I realize that chaos cannot be changed, but perhaps it can be harnessed in a way that resembles control. If you get lost, maybe you don’t need to get unlost. Maybe you just need to make the situation work for you. So this is yet another experiment. One blog, instead of one for every aspect of my life. Sitting back and letting someone else do the work behind the scenes.

Content-wise, I make no promises. Other blogs I write and contribute to have covered topics as varied as academia and open science, cooking, Ultimate Frisbee, and, of course, life in general. This blog will still talk about all of those things but, in the end, this blog is mostly for me. If you like it, too, then w00t!


I am currently employed at the personal genomics company 23andMe. Although I may blog about the personal genomics space and other related topics occasionally, the content on this blog constitute my opinions alone and never the views of my employer.

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  3. joshuapolk says:

    “I’ve come to accept the fact that any on-top-of-itness I exhibit is only temporary”


  4. Hi, i’m Victor and I am writing from a Genorama company. I happened to find your contact from my google search, where I was looking for contacts for practicing genomic healthcare providers and scientists. And yours just clicked.

    As your current work was related to personalized medicine then perhaps our screening technology could excite your interest.

    Please, write back to me at VicGenorama(at)dr.com and we can discuss further, brother.

    Many thanks.

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  6. xzhou says:


    I also got my phd in bioinformatics in 09 (well, that was actually 12/08 but it’s so close)

    I visited SF before and I’m mesmerized by your Paradise

    And now I’m gonna apply for my first grant from BWF! Haha

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