Get it while it’s hot! 23andMe for $99

You may have already heard the rumors floating around and they’re all true: 23andMe is having another sale — the whole thing for $99!

Edit: No discount codes are needed. There’s an instant discount of $400 off due to the Black Friday+ sale, which will go until Christmas Monday 11/29 or while supplies last. Head on over to the store, or read on for a bit more info.

Use discount code UA3XJH at checkout to get $400 off the regular price. (This code is only valid until Friday, 11/26.)

Even if you saw another discount code somewhere, make sure to use this one (and distribute this one to everyone you know!) because only then will I be able to prove that I have more and cooler friends. :)

Some things to note are that there are no longer different editions of the product and purchase now requires a 1 year subscription at $5/mo, billed monthly once you get your results back (or up-front if you’re buying it as a gift). At a total cost of $159 after one year, it’s still a rad deal!

Feel free to ask questions but I can’t guarantee I am allowed to answer all of them… if you are generally curious about the product though (like “Wow, what a great deal! But what the heck is this thing?”), I am happy to give you more info, or you can browse 23andMe’s website to learn more (FAQs, product descriptions, sign up for a free demo account, etc).

Now go take advantage of this deal and get a really cool gift for that genetics geek, genealogy buff, or general science nerd you know (especially if it’s you)!

10 Responses to Get it while it’s hot! 23andMe for $99

  1. Dan says:

    Do they allow me to get my SNP data in csv format?

    • shwu says:

      The raw data is available only in one format currently – a plain text file with a header and the actual data is tab-delimited like this (it might not look tabbed pasted here, but you get the idea):

      # rsid chromosome position genotype
      rs3094315 1 742429 AA
      rs12562034 1 758311 GG

      • Dan says:

        Cool, it wasn’t so much the format I was interested in, just weather the ‘raw’ data was available for download and private analysis.


        • Steve Mount says:

          That text file is all of your data. However, I wondered if you were thinking of the .csv file (comma delimited text) that is provided for Relative Finder data. Those files are more complicated, and contain data from other users.

          Each line had the following fields:

          “Contact Status”,”Predicted Relationship”,”Relationship Range”,”Name”,”Sex”,”Residence”,”Ancestry”,”Maternal Haplogroup”,”Paternal Haplogroup”,”Surnames”,”Percent DNA Shared”,”Number of Shared Segments”

          “Introduction Sent”,”3rd Cousin”,””,””,”Male”,””,””,”K1a1b1a”,”R1a1a*”,””,”1.52%”,”14″

          An important question seems to be whether people who have stopped making their monthly payments will be removed from my list of relatives. I would assume not, since the value of 23andMe data for those primarily interested in ancestry would be greatly reduced if other people were routinely removed from the database.

          By the way, I signed up my mother, brother and sister this weekend. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Steve Mount says:

    The monthly subscription is a new and different business plan. Will those who purchased earlier (as I did) have to start paying monthly at some point? If I enroll my family members at this point can I manage their accounts? This has been answered on the site, I’m sure, and it’s really two questions (billing and data access); please just send me a link.

    • shwu says:

      Hi Steve,

      Check out (a longer answer is no, you will not have to start paying monthly, unless you want to receive health updates that include markers exclusive to the new chip – then you will have to upgrade, and start paying the subscription.)

      I don’t see an FAQ that addresses your second question specifically but you can definitely manage multiple profiles under one account and I don’t think the new subscription model affects that capability since I’m sure many other existing customers will or have already signed up additional family with this promotion. If you have questions, help @ is the way to go.

  3. Peter Kang says:

    Hi Shirley. I’m a first-year in the Stanford BMI program. I’ve seen this deal going around, and you’ve convinced me to finally jump into this. Thanks!

  4. Peter Kang says:

    Hmm.. That code seems to be invalid (However, you don’t need it to get the discount).

    • keen101 says:

      Yeah, Peter. Today is Friday now, so the sale is open to everyone. The codes were only valid Wednesday and Thursday. But the sale will only last until their supplies last…. Which depending on how many people used the codes… might mean that only a few are left by now..

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