Marshmallow + microwave = ?

Chris loves marshmallows and it’s partly because he discovered a magical property of theirs back when he was a youngster. Apparently, when you microwave marshmallows, they not only balloon in size, but they become the easiest way to make taffy ever.

1. Put the marshmallow on a piece of parchment paper.

2. Microwave until it triples in volume (it burns if you leave it in too long).

3. Before it cools, use a spoon to press and stretch the now-gooey marshmallow on the parchment paper. When cool enough to handle, use your fingers to stretch and fold the sticky marshmallow until stiff.

Voila! Taffy! Just don’t leave bowls lying around crusted in marshmallow remnants — apparently it doesn’t make mom too happy. ;)

One Response to Marshmallow + microwave = ?

  1. Lucas says:

    Before the marshmallows start swelling to completely: get the mout when they’re melting at a few spots! Now you can teach Chris some speed of light science ;) (did this myself in physics class a long time ago!).

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