The big hairy ambitious haircut – finally!

It seems like ages ago that I was fretting over what big hair ambitious haircut to get… because it was, well, ages ago. But I finally went out and got it after determining that you could see my split ends from Google Earth and that brushing my hair required more shoulder flexibility than I possess.

After some back and forth with the stylist over whether I could have my short hair cake and not have to blow dry it too, I ended up with this:

Photo 5 Photo 3

While I think I might have to compromise and use some kind of “product”, it might just work. Well, except for the bits across my face, which are already starting to annoy me. Still, it’s leagues better than the $4 mullet cut I got in college, which was the only other short style I’ve had since I was a toddler.

The jury is still out on whether I can actually play sports and see at the same time.


6 Responses to The big hairy ambitious haircut – finally!

  1. ouroboros says:


  2. Graham Steel says:

    Sorry, Shirley, but I have to agree with Chris on this one =)

  3. shwu says:

    Dang, people, you don’t even have to look that far!

    Not ashamed of it, but just sayin, I think I prefer the current look.

  4. steffi says:

    i love it! it’s edgy-chic.

  5. Graham Steel says:

    In the spirit of fairness, (Chris, you next), here’s one of me sporting an ambitious hair-do back in the 80’s.:-

  6. Jim H says:

    If Chris has a mullet shot, we need to see it. That would be awesome. I’ve always liked long, straight hair for women, probably because I don’t have much left. Hair on my head, that is.

    Graham, very brave of you to share your 80’s hair.

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