A girl’s gotta do what?

I have a lot to think about after the unexpected outpouring of debate that followed my open letter. I’ve been alternately encouraged to send the letter to be published in larger news venues and to frickin’ do my research before posting anything. Admittedly, there are a lot of things I don’t know about vaccines, or about parenting, having not been in the position yet to make decisions about a child’s health. Watching the debate unfold, however, made it clear that there are some fundamental issues underlying the controversy which go deeper and broader than the discussion on vaccination. I hope to reflect on this in a later post but it will take me some time to get everything down in writing with other obligations pulling at me.

Photo by tekmagika on Flickr

Photo by tekmagika on Flickr

For now, though, it just kind of galls me to see this. After watching a truly flabbergastingly misleading video of hers about the need to purge all toxins (including yeast, wheat and dairy, which are apparently equivalent to marijuana in McCarthy’s strange universe) in favor of “natural supplements” (cue list of commercial vendors), I was surprised to see that she blogged about getting her hair colored, extensively and often. Sure, people get their hair done. Sure, people are hypocritical. But you never want a spokesperson for a cause to do things that suggest they’re not entirely serious about that cause.

I guess this is what one might call a hypocrite. I talk about staying away from toxins, yet I bleach the hell out of my hair every month. It’s tough to avoid everything that is not good for you. Yes, I have given up a lot so far, but I don’t think I can ever let people see me with my original haircolor. Yuck.

I agree that it’s tough to avoid everything that’s not good for you. That’s  why we have priorities, so we can focus on what’s really important. That she goes on the record lambasting so-called toxins and then publicizes the fact that she willingly subjects herself to harsh chemical hair treatments (joking about it all the while) gives me some idea of what her priorities are. And that’s just one of the reasons why people should look elsewhere for medical advice.


3 Responses to A girl’s gotta do what?

  1. I agree, its extremely frustrating seeing so many people so thoroughly infected with critical-reasoning-disabling memes. There are so many logical fallacies in the comment thread on your (very excellent) open letter its difficult to even know where to begin. But the bottom line is surely this… the world is a safe place to live, on average, with vaccines that without them. (And I can already predict who will start flaming here.)

    Thanks again for raising the issue among so many people.

  2. skeptologic says:

    Not to mention that Jenny McCarthy gets one of the most deadly toxins known (Botox) injected into her face! Not that there is anything wrong with that, but if she is so scared of “toxins,” why would she do that? Sounds a little hypocritical to me.

  3. Jim H says:

    Here’s some solid proof that debunks the “vaccinations for no reason” argument: http://is.gd/EOCg

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