Biology + YouTube = music to my ears

Three things about me. One, I’m a big fan of music – love the sappy stuff, the rockin’ stuff, the funky stuff, the big beat bouncin’ stuff. Two, I’m also a big fan of biology and all the cool, incredible things we find in nature. Third, I love nerdy comedy. So when I can enjoy these three things together, I’m practically in heaven. Thankfully, YouTube has encouraged more and more people to put their creative efforts online, and this means that I now have multiple nerdy-comedic biology music videos to choose from when I need my nerdy-comedic biology music fix.

Some classics you may already know:

“Scientists for a Better PCR” by BioRad – This video practically brings tears to my eyes, no joke. Both tears of joy (good music!) and of laughter (“it’s amazing what heating and cooling and heating will doooo…”).

“Large Hadron Rap” by alpinekat – About the Large Hadron Collider, in the style of old school rap that I favor – the more funk, the better.

“It’s called epMotion” by epmotion08 – About an automatic pipetting system meant to rescue lab techs from sore wrists and fingers that come with manual pipetting. A parody of the boy-band era.

In addition to those, I’ve just discovered (thanks to FriendFeed) a set of rap remixes created by a group of Stanford RAs which are pretty awesome, and probably the most educational I’ve seen so far (the third and fourth don’t have entertaining videos, but the lyrics more than make up for it):

“Regulatin’ Genes”

“I’m going going back back to plasma membrane”
(about vesicle transport)

“I just want a function”
(classic line: “mo’ toads, mo’ problems”)

“Hi, Meiosis”
(classic line: “Thanks Greg, oh Gregor beg your pardon, I’ve always been amazed the way you tend your gardens.”)

All I can say is, I love the nerdy hip-hop stylin’s and I wish I’d had these when I was in college!


5 Responses to Biology + YouTube = music to my ears

  1. Ron Laskey, of Chaperone fame, is also a very talented singer / songwriter in the ’60s troubadour style. In fact, one of his songs is about how he considered a singing career, but then at this pub, on amateur night he met… (no spoilers).

    His CD “songs for cynical scientists” is produced by a little known indie label, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. I kid you not. Among his hits are:

    Next Slide Please

    Scooped Again

    Airport Allergy

  2. Chris Lasher says:

    Shirley, you’re most assuredly not alone in appreciating the sounds of science. Cerebral humor makes me chuckle too.

    Iddo, you can’t leave us hanging like that. I suppose I’ll have to get that CD now. :-)

  3. Maybe CSHL will deposit it in PubMed central….

  4. shwu says:

    That’s a nice tracklist! I like “Committee, Commitment, Committed”. Too bad it’s not open access. :P

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