I got a senior scientist blogging!

It’s already all over the intertubes by now, but I figured I should post it myself as well just to preserve it in my own blog archives:

My advisor, Russ Altman, and I won the “Get a senior scientist blogging” challenge sponsored by Nature!

Nature Network announced it today and there’s supposedly a press release as well. We’ve actually known for more than a week but had to keep it secret as they prepared the public announcement.

As our prize, Russ’s blog post on one of his first post-genomic moments will be in the Open Laboratory 2008 anthology and we will both get to go to SciFoo in August. Since we’re basically in Google’s back yard*, two other lucky people will get supported to attend SciFoo as well! Who doesn’t love 2-for-1 deals?

Some are curious, and indeed, so am I – what were some of the other front-runners? How many entries were received? Did the challenge actually get a significant number of scientists to start blogging? Either way, it would be nice to see some of the entrants just to add to my list of good science blogs.

Thanks to my blogging friends for the support, to Russ for taking my suggestion seriously, and to Nature Network for sponsoring the challenge! I’m definitely looking forward to SciFoo.

* At least, I hope to stay in Google’s back  yard. We’ll see how the job search goes. By the way, can I put this on my resume??

10 Responses to I got a senior scientist blogging!

  1. Excellent news Shirley! It has been great to hear Russ’s opinions as well as your own across the ‘tubes. You’ll love SciFoo too!

  2. steffi says:


  3. Of course you can put it on your resume, under Teaching Activities. :)

  4. rpg says:

    Hi Shirley

    Well done to you. And Russ for not boring us all…

    For what it’s worth, my blogs are on both my resumés: under ‘Community Engagement and Outreach’ on the ‘scientific’ one. Shout if you want to see how I’ve done it.

  5. shwu says:

    Thanks all!

    @rpg, it’s a bit trickier for my blog because it’s not always science-related content. This award could go under the science heading though, perhaps. Right now I just have it listed under “Other activities and achievements” subheading “Artistic”

  6. rpg says:

    And you think my blog(s) is(are)?!


  7. shwu says:


  8. Jinn Wu says:

    Congratulations, Shirley. Interesting to read all of these related questions and comments.

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