Dinner Table Science

What causes allergies? How come some people handle alcohol better than others? Why is sodium bad for you? People have always been curious, but finding explanations that don’t require a Ph.D. isn’t always easy. Thankfully, there are places like scienceblogs.com, which help make science suitable for public consumption.

We need more outlets for quality science communication, though. Science education is suffering from lack of funding and lack of public support. Science itself is becoming divorced from and alien to the public as science reporting dwindles to sensationalist headlines and the front pages of technical journals. Simply put, more scientists need to communicate their work to more people.

Inspired by science bloggers everywhere, I’m starting a series of blog posts called “Dinner Table Science”. Hoping to improve my own writing skills while communicating some science, I’ll be writing about topics that I encounter or that others put to me. The idea is that science doesn’t need to be incomprehensible or relegated to lecture halls – we should be able to talk about science at the dinner table the way we do about politics and culture.

The first post in this series briefly discusses the general concepts behind my research. I have a couple more topics in mind but please suggest ones that interest you and I will try to accommodate them. Even though my background is in the life and computational sciences, it’s about time I learned about something else, so everything is game. I also welcome any feedback or advice on the writing and content of these posts. I’m sure I’ll be breaking lots of rules – written or no – so please set me straight!


2 Responses to Dinner Table Science

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  2. How about art and science? A bit tricky to do, since most of what was written was either paltitudal or cliche-ridden. But hey, you wanted a challenge…

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