What’s your blogging personality?

Some folks on FriendFeed found this fun little website called Typealyzer where you can associate a blog with a personality according to the Myers-Briggs types. They appear to do this by analyzing the writing style of the blog, though I don’t know if they also look at the content, maybe through tags. Anyway, it’s certainly entertaining, and way faster than answering endless “You prefer to schedule things ahead of time.  [Strongly disagree …. Neutral … Strongly agree]” type questions. Plus you can see what other people’s blogs say about them…

So what is my blog? Perhaps not surprisingly, it is INTJ – The Scientist. I might be projecting here, but I think our blogs are a somewhat idealized version of ourselves or only parts of ourselves, so this is an interesting way to see if your blog’s personality (at least in terms of writing style) matches the image you thought you were projecting. I’d say they match pretty well in my case, and I’m actually pretty flattered. As much as you can be flattered by a web tool that cares nothing about you, I guess.

For fun, I tried some other people’s blogs. My advisor’s blog has type INTP – The Thinker. Some of my more adventurous friends have blogs of type ESTP – The Doers. The father of a friend of mine maintains a funny blog about financial investing for Gen Y and his blog is of type ESTJ – The Guardians. Pretty good, eh?

The one I found most incongruous was for Pharyngula – it was ISTP – The Mechanics. Parts of it make sense, like “masters of responding to challenges that arise spontaneously”, but the part that didn’t was “often avoid inter-personal conflicts”. Obviously the Typealyzer didn’t catch onto the combative language or the numerous poll-crashing and letter writing campaigns, or his long-running war with religious types!


3 Responses to What’s your blogging personality?

  1. Lori says:

    Huh…both of my blogs are ESFP – The Performers.

  2. Myers-Briggs is pretty much complete pseudoscience… but that didn’t stop me from checking my blog anyway. Apparently, I’m Duty Fulfiller and my the “thinking” part of my brain is dominant… hmmmm

  3. Apparently it uses a set of somewhat black-boxish text classification APIs from http://www.uclassify.com/

    There are a few other web sites using uClassify, including a gender analyzer (is this blog being written by a man or a woman), a trollguard, and what classical author your text is most alike. (I’m like Nietzche, which is a bit scary given the way he ended up).

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