A wordle says… a thousand words

… or, in this case, 75.


The day has finally come – the day before my thesis proposal dissertation oral defense exam whatsit. I’m feeling pretty good about it, mostly because after many late nights slaving over my slides, after writing and adding and changing and tweaking language endlessly to make sure I’m saying everything I need to say but not saying too much, after spending hours running new code to produce new calculations to produce new figures only to conclude not to include them in the talk, after slashing and burning more than half of the slides multiple times, once accompanied by a despondent “arrrgghh!! He HATES it!!”… I’m feeling unreasonably ok about tomorrow because my presentation is now, well, presentable.

For those of you who can’t hear me extoll the virtues of machine learning methods for function recognition in protein structures, I composed a Wordle from my notes associated with each slide. I think it summarizes my thesis rather well in 75 words or less.


2 Responses to A wordle says… a thousand words

  1. ouroboros says:

    Congratulations yourself — I hope the thesis defense/seminar in honor of the award of/whatever goes well!

  2. Jim H says:

    I have a suggestion. Scrap the oral dissertation, post the wordle and ask if there are any questions. Why defend a thousand words when 75 will do?

    Just kidding. I have no doubt your defense was a smashing success.

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