Barack O-tapas

Last week was pretty hectic, with 2 job interviews and 2 practices after an intense weekend in Corvallis, OR, where my Ultimate Frisbee team won Northwest Regionals (and qualified for Nationals along the way). Somehow, I managed to throw a small dinner party as well.

But not just any dinner party. A tapas dinner party. And not just any tapas dinner party. A Barack O-tapas dinner party.

See, some friends of friends started this grassroots fundraising movement called Hungry for Obama. The idea is that someone hosts a dinner party where all the attendees agree to donate a certain amount to the Obama campaign (typically $100, but poor grad students find $20 a little easier) and also host their own such dinner soon after. In just over a month, they’ve raised over $40K and involved over 1200 people through over 130 dinners.

I was inspired enough to host such a dinner but I went a little overboard with the tapas. Just a bunch of appetizers, right? Unfortunately, I decided to make 8 different tapas dishes, which essentially worked out to about 3 times as much work and 5 times as many ingredients. The menu consisted of an olive/pepper/cheese platter; tzatziki (cucumber yogurt sauce); spiced lentils; flatbread with mozzarella, tomato and basil; spiced meatballs; garlic shrimp; orange and red onion salad; and spanish omelette with sofrito. Fortunately, they all turned out to be delicious. My generous co-host, Kitt, provided the house, the cooking utensils, and the pictures.

Of course, what’s a dinner party without a disaster? Here’s what happened to my crostini:

There’s still 2 weeks before the election so there’s still time to host your own Hungry For Obama dinner and get other people involved. It’s a cool idea and takes very little effort on each individual’s part, but each person starts a pyramid of contributions. And it’s fun to cook and have people over for dinner! I thought the concept was cool enough that I tried designing logos for it for t-shirts:

The second one has ended up on the back of a t-shirt made by the Hungry for Obama folks, which is cool. Too bad, I kind of liked the first one better. ;)

Tapas recipes came from here, here, and here.


One Response to Barack O-tapas

  1. Jim H says:


    read this story today about “Girl Geek Dinners” and immediately thought about you after reading your post yesterday.

    Not that you’re a Geek or anything :-)

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