My first wordles!

I know, I know – I’m a little late to the party. But when I tried to use Wordle to visualize talk abstracts from ISMB more than a month ago, it took so long that I figured my browser wasn’t configured for the applet and I gave up. It appears the input might have been the problem, though, because I just tried some RSS feeds and it works beautifully. So now I’m going on a bit of a Wordle binge. Here are the 3 blogs I used to have or still contribute to: More Fist Pumping, All Exciting At First, and One Big Lab.

Apparently the word frequencies aren’t weighted by the number of posts – so my recent post on 2 of the blogs asking for platelet donations for my friend’s friend Katie dominates. Aside from that, nothing too surprising. Nothing terribly informative either, but I do like the pretty colors.


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