Hi folks. If you came here from One Big Lab or All Exciting At First, you may be wondering why there’s yet another blog. The answer is that, hopefully, this will be the only blog I have for at least a long while. Mostly, I simply got tired of maintaining two blogs, of trying to compartmentalize my thoughts and my life into two different spheres – basically, of leading double lives. And honestly, neither of these lives is all that scandalous to warrant a sharp demarcation. The minor reason is that I was also sick of Blogger and wanted something a little sleeker and fully-featured.

A more detailed explanation behind this new blog can be found on the “about this blog” page.

So I hope you like the new place (the look of which may change slightly, or a lot, who knows) and I hope that I can keep it more or less organized! I like it a lot so far and, what can I say? – the neighborhood is great!


2 Responses to Housewarming!

  1. Meryn Stol says:

    I hope you find a good place here.

    A kind request from a stranger: Could you please turn on full feeds?

  2. Euge says:

    hrm. maybe i’ll make the switch too… That way I can blog easily from my iPhone :p

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