The "cool" candidate?

I posted earlier today endorsing Obama, but I have to admit that I am easily swayed by powerful messages, such as the Yes We Can music video. I also have a history of political apathy, which translates to a severe lack of comprehension regarding pretty much all campaign issues and the political process in general. So here’s another confession: I like Obama because it makes me feel good.

Why does it make me feel good? Mostly because I’m on a very welcoming and empowering bandwagon. Obama is by far the most popular candidate in the demographic circles of which I consider myself a part (young ‘uns, liberals, students, Ultimate Frisbee players). When you support Obama, you find yourself a part of surging crowd of energized people all inspired by his message of hope and change. But how many are simply there, swept along by peer pressure and exhilarated by being a “part of something”? How many see him as the only candidate it could be considered “cool” to endorse?

Alex Joseph wrote a very engaging essay for Slate reflecting on his support for Hillary Clinton. It was quite entertaining to read, and made me think about my reasons for supporting this or that candidate. In truth, I only really care about science, the environment, and our global image, so that rules out most of the Republicans – I don’t like them because they don’t believe in evolution or don’t think the environment is a big enough issue. But figuring out what I like about certain candidates? Frighteningly enough, I hadn’t really thought about it until now.


One Response to The "cool" candidate?

  1. e the cat says:

    You definitely have a point. But at the same time, isn’t it nice that it’s actually cool to be optimistic and hopeful?

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