More reasons to hate MySpace

I’m sure we all have our top 5 reasons to hate MySpace. Here were mine, before I learned that they deleted an atheist/agnostic group for no reason other than that Christian users were offended:

1. It’s ridiculously ugly.
2. It’s ridiculously annoying.
3. The typical MySpace user is ridiculously annoying, and probably ugly.
4. I kind of dislike (archetypal) social networking sites in general, and MySpace was one of the first.
5. It’s so ugly that it deserves to be on here twice.

Now let me add to the top of the list:

1. It is a bastion of intolerance.*

If you have an account on MySpace and you value the freedoms of speech and assembly, I urge you to find an alternative.

* I realize my top 5 list comes across as pretty intolerant. :) Mostly I just think it’s an ugly site and if people can stand to use it then they must have pretty low standards. Plus Rupert Murdoch is pretty evil.


2 Responses to More reasons to hate MySpace

  1. e the cat says:

    To be fair, MySpace originally was started to serve the artist community over in LA. Since then, it’s become (for better or worse) the defacto place to find bands, music and other artists… and actually it turns out that it’s rather handy for many people in the music industry (particularly booking agents and others looking to preview a band’s music without having to sift through CDs or request bulky annoying physical packages).

  2. e the cat says:

    And I’m not -that- ugly >_<

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